libpifacedigital  v0.3.0
A simple static C library for controlling PiFace Digital.
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libpifacedigital - A simple C library for PiFace Digital.



Using the library


$ git clone
$ git clone

Build the library:

$ cd libmcp23s17/ && make && cd -
$ cd libpifacedigital/ && make

This creates the library libpifacedigital.a.

Build and run the example and the pifacedigital utility for command line control:

$ make example
$ ./example

$ make pifacedigital
$ ./pifacedigital read input
$ ./pifacedigital --help

Include the library in your project with:

$ gcc -o example example.c -Isrc/ -L. -lpifacedigital -L../libmcp23s17/ -lmcp23s17

-I directories to search for header files. -L directories to search for libraries. -l libraries to link.


Feel free to contribute!